Meet your Doula

hi, i'm ana

   I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about who I am. First, my Faith is founded on Jesus Christ. My passion is my family, helping others, and encouraging women to become the mothers they are called to be. I am also a patient advocate through my work as a doula. 


My hope is to be an asset to women around me. I want to encourage those who have doubts about their health care. I want to encourage all to have a full understanding of informed consent to better navigate their choices. I am striving to develop a platform that will exhibit the Intelligent Design of God on how birthing was meant to be from the beginning of time. I want to be the advocate that uplifts each of you as individuals.  I look forward to meeting you and having meaningful conversations that encourage us to grow and become who we were designed to be, and one day be called blessed by both our children and husbands.

with Gratitude, 

Ana RN