Unsure of your birth options? I can help clarify your options. My experience in the medical field as a Registered Nurse in the clinical, hospital, birth center, and at home birth settings can be a great resource and help equip you to make the right decisions for your birth based on your personal needs and what is best for you.


The services offered are as follows:


  • Prenatal Visit– in these visits we can discuss your unique desires for birth and health care during your pregnancy, ways for you to be supported by me, and discuss the many resources available to you.


  • Birth Planning– Birth Planning is a way to help you understand your patient rights and how to ensure that you feel safe and cared for no matter what kind of birth is ahead of you.


  • Phone, Text, and E-mail Support– available during business hours. A way for us to stay in touch and get answers to any questions that may arise during pregnancy and preparation for your birth.


  • Baby Home Preparation– helping you design a plan for your home and prepare for the growth of your family, develop a plan to be efficient with your home space and the products on the market that will help you keep organized.


  • Birth Support– in order to best serve you I only make myself available to a limited number of births each month, this ensures that you have my full attention and the highest level of support I can provide you. We will develop a plan of when to call me based on your progression of labor and your need for in-person support. Starting two weeks prior to your due date I will be on call 24/7 for your birth. (During covid-19 most hospitals are only allowing one birth partner and a doula to accompany mom during the birth)


  • Post-partum Visit– If I attended your birth, this is where I will bring my notes from your birth to review and discuss your labor and birth process. I can help you with breastfeeding support, engagement of sibling with new born, and provide you with education on the care of a new born.

Personalized packages are available and can be customized for your own specific needs.